CCP-SAS Kickoff Workshop
February 7-9, 2014
NIST Center For Neutron Research
NOTE: The first day of this Workshop is the open community discussion and feedback day, and is being held on the NIST campus. As such all participants for this day must register with NIST in order to gain access. If you wish to attend please register BY January 23, 2014 at the NCNR Visitor Registration Site. In the "additional comments" box please enter: attending the CCP-SAS workshop. The purpose of your visit is "meeting" and your contact is "Paul Butler"

This Friday session will be held at the NCNR on the NIST campus - bldg 235 Room K04B

The remainder of the meeting will be devoted to organizing the activities of the project for the rest of the year and will be held off the NIST campus.

Friday Feb 7 2014
Community Meeting - NCNR, bldg 235, room K04B
introductory session
Session Chair: Dan Neumann (NIST)
World context of the CCP-SAS project
Session Chair: Anne Martel (ILL)
Session Chair: Pete Jemian (APS)
Presentations and Discussion of Scientific Challenges and Opportunities
Session Chair: Carlos Castaneda (UMD)
Session Chair: Edward Lyman (UDEL)
Saturday Feb 8 2014
Project Meeting - Holiday Inn
Existing Capability: Introductions to the software development foundations with focus on practical use of existing packages. (Chair: Paul Butler)
Current status of project and lessons from previous projects (Chair: Steve King)
Structured discussion session I
Sunday Feb 9 2014
Project Meeting - Holiday Inn
Structured discussion session II
Meeting Wrapup