3rd Annual CCP-SAS Project Workshop
May 23-25, 2016
NIST Center for Neutron Research
NOTE: While there is no fee for attending this Workshop, it is being held on the NIST campus. As such all participants will be required to register with NIST BEFORE May 13, 2016 in order to gain access!

This Workshop follows on from the previous two workshops at NIST in February 2014 and Diamond in October of 2014 and the interim closed project meeting held at SAS-2015 in Berlin in September 2015. The Workshop will consist of three parts. On Monday will be the presentation sessions of broad interest to the scientific community. Attendees are encouraged to bring posters explaining their use of these kinds of modeling techniques or illustrating their need for such. Tuesday morning will be devoted to a meeting between the CCP-SAS project and individuals or institutions with activities in related software development areas, interests in participating in the CCP-SAS current or projected activities and facilities with potential interest in deploying CCP-SAS products on their servers for use by their users and thus have a potential interest in helping with maintenance activities. Discussions will focus on current activities, directions and needs with a goal of elucidating adjustments to CCP-SAS activities in the remaining funding cycle, and, more importantly of developing collaborations with other projects and identifying areas for joint funding applications moving forward. Finally on Wednesday there will be two hands on tutorial sessions: How to wrap existing code using GenApp to produce a web GUI and run on a cluster backend, and code development in the SASSIE framework.

Program (subject to change)
Monday May 23, 2016
Community Meeting - NCNR, bldg 235, room K04B
Arrival coffee
Status and plans of CCP-SAS software infrastucture and tools (Session Chair: Paul Butler)
Emerging contributions to SASSIE and CCP-SAS (Session Chair: Paul Butler)
CCP-SAS Science Use Cases: Tales from the trenches (Session Chair: Steve Perkins)
Tuesday May 24 2016
Future Collaboration Workshop - NCNR, bldg 235, room K04B
Potential for inter project collaborations, joint funding opportunities, maintenance and support issues at deployment locations etc.
Ad hoc meetings and discussions generated from previous day and a half
Wednesday May 25 2016
Hands on coding tutorial Sessions - NCNR, bldg 235, room K04B
LIMITED SPACE: MUST be registered for tutorial to participate