CCP-SAS: New developments in computational modelling of X-ray and neutron scattering curves
September 18, 2020
Virtually at the British Biophysical Society Meeting, UK
This CCP-SAS Workshop was held as a satellite to the 60th anniversary meeting of the British Biophysical Society. Originally scheduled to be held in Nottigham, the meeting was moved to a virutal venue/format in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and travel and meeting restrictions that followed thereon. While changing to a vitual venue required some difficult adjustments, it also presented some new opportunities to reach more people.

The goal of this mini-workshop was twofold: To provide a training opportunity for persons interested in learning how to use simulations tools in fitting SAS data and to bring the community together to hear a little bit about recent uses of these tools and learn about the latest developments in the project.


Friday September 18, 2020
TUTORIAL: Using CCP-SAS and SASSIE Tools - Jayesh Bhatt and Stephen Perkins (UCL) Instructors
Requirements: each participant should have two screens and print out the handouts sent to them prior to the start of the turtorial
Welcome (Session Chair: Paul Butler - UTK/NIST)
Applications of CCP-SAS tools (Session Chair: Paul Butler - NIST)
CCP-SAS New Developments (Session Chair: Karen Edler - Bath)