CCP-SAS: New developments in computational modelling of X-ray and neutron scattering curves
September 18, 2020
Virtually at the British Biophysical Society Meeting, UK
This CCP-SAS Workshop is being held as a satellite to the 60th anniversary meeting of the British Biophysical Society. Originally scheduled to be held in Nottigham, the meeting has moved to a virutal venue/format in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and travel and meeting restrictions that followed thereon. While changing to a vitual venue has required some difficult adjustments, it has also presented some new opportunities to reach more people.

The goal of this mini-workshop are twofold: To provide a training opportunity for persons interested in learning how to use simulations tools in fitting SAS data and to bring the community together to hear a little bit about recent uses of these tools and learn about the latest developments in the project.

NOTE: Registration is free but is needed for security reasons to provide all the participants access to the virtual venue. The tutorial portion is now closed and no longer accepting registrant but participants are still welcome to register to join the plenary session in the afternoon.

Program (subject to change)
Friday September 18, 2020
TUTORIAL: Using CCP-SAS and SASSIE Tools - Jayesh Bhatt and Stephen Perkins (UCL) Instructors
Requirements: each participant should have two screens and print out the handouts sent to them prior to the start of the turtorial
Welcome (Session Chair: Paul Butler - UTK/NIST)
Applications of CCP-SAS tools (Session Chair: Paul Butler - NIST)
CCP-SAS New Developments (Session Chair: Karen Edler - Bath)